J C Leissring Fine Art

Songs my Father Never Sang

Songs my Father Never Sang by J.C. Leissring Jack Leissring asks about existence and answers his questions in poetry, essays, phrases, quotes and images. He is a physician/pathologist/anatomist, musician, artist, experimenter, designer, builder, father, photographer and some-time lover. A poet, a philosopher; he is a seeker. Mainly, he is a bewildered man, awake in a world of sleepyheads; a man of the 21st century, he struggles in a world still celebrating the 19th. He proposes unique explanations for the human condition. Try it out. Published in 1995, 9 inches X 7 inches, 476 pages, Paperback only ISBN 0-9630085-1-X, Price: $25.00Availabile from Contact for Songs bookwww.jclfa.com
photo Jack in his studio
This book was written, compiled, researched, typeset, pasted, refined, and published by Jack Leissring, a physician by profession, an artist by nature, and an art collector for most of his lifetime. He owns and manages J. C. Leissring Fine Arts of Santa Rosa, California and is the proprietor of JCL Fine Arts Press, also of Santa Rosa. The book was realized by employing tools and techniques currently available for use upon so-called personal computers, specifically IBM “ clones. He has similarly published, as of June, 2019, 28 books.”