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Jerrold Ballaine, Book Two "So Many Roads Tease My Soul"

Jerrold Ballaine, Book Two "So Many Roads Tease My Soul" Polymath, multi-talented, restlessly innovative, profoundly proliferative, Jerrold Ballaine, a west-coast native and life long resident; his career bridges social and artistic eras. Known as a leader in the “Bay Area Figurative School,” he also led the “Funk” movement of the 1970’s. His output of uniformly significant work is extraordinary by any standard. The present study attempts to examine a life of many inter-penetrating interests and skills. In an era of superspecalization,it is rare that so many significant skills are embodied by one artist, espeically in an era where individuals of doubtful significance are raised to undeserved status. If we considered only Ballaine’s contributions to figurative painting and sculpture, it would yield a vast body of significant work. The quantity and variety of Ballaine’s work required two separate volumes, yet these texts cannot be considered a catalog raisonné; it is only the tip of an iceberg. ISBN 978-0-9908931-0-3
Copyright: Jack Leissring (Standard Copyright License)
Publisher: J. C. Leissring fine Arts Press
Published October 15, 2014 Language:English
Pages: 494
Binding:Hardcover (dust-jacket)
Interior Ink: Full color
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The author, Jack Leissring, has a vast collection of art, dating from 1600, that includes 472 artists. He is a retired phy­sician (pathologist) a pianist,he paints, sculpts, draws, designs and builds dwellings and does etchings and woodcuts. He has written and published 28 books on a variety of subjects