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Jacques Villon: Cubist Work on Paper

Jacques Villon is one of the 20th Century's most significant artists Stanley Hayter and others have called Villon "the father of modern print-making." Jacques Villon, actually named Gaston Duchamp, was probably the most sig­nificant peintre-graveur of the twentieth century in France. This book explores a segment of his painting and print-making skills, one commonly known as Cubism. Villon, and his brothers were a part of a group of infuential intellectual painters, poets and essayists who met regularly in villon's studio. His work is intimately connected with ideas that originated there. The author, in 2011, completed a definitive catalog of the entire collection of villon's work gathered over a forty year period--350 graphic and painting works on paper. The present study focuses specifically on 53 Cubist-related images from that collection, and discusses the influence of the "Section d'Or" on the artist's working method. The work is extensively referenced.
Publisher J. C. Leissring Fine Art Press
Published September 21, 2013
Language English
Pages 142
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