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The Michael Brenner Exhibition Catalog

Brenner Exhibition Catalog This catalog was produced in 1989 for the historic international invitational exhibition of the sculpture and drawings of Michael Brenner. There exist a limited number of these, in excellent condition. The catalog includes the photographs of the sculpture and of the drawings, as they were rediscovered, in their original state, before final restoration. All of the photographs were the work of reknown art photographer, Ron Chamberlain. The catalog contains the brilliant essay by painter and art historian James Rosen: "Objects of Atmosphere." Price: $25.00 10-7/8 x 7-7/8" In limited supply. Availabile from Contact for catalogwww.jclfa.com

Michael Brenner, an American sculptor born in Lithuania, was an important member of the Paris school after WWI. He was, for a time, a close friend o f Gertrude Stein. He arranged for publication o f some o f her earliest works in “The Soil,” a magazine he founded with Coady. Brenner’s unachievable standards kept him from completing his works. Very few pieces were made available for sale in his lifetime. Stein describes him as “The artist who never finished anything.” At his death, in 1969, he left a very large body of work in the form of clays, waxes, plasters and marbles, all of which have been cast. All known drawings and sketches have been located, restored and catalogued. This exploration has yielded a significant body o f work, and has, thereby, given the art world a frame of reference from which his work may be studied.