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The Michael Brenner Catalog Raisonne

The Life and Work of Michael Brenner (1885-1969) This is Michael Brenner's Catalogue Raisonne, published in 1991, containing his known work. Brenner, American sculptor, draftsman, painter, art-director for the avant garde magazine: "The Soil," was an active and important member of the Paris Gertrude Stein circle. This beautifully bound and printed text is unique: it was generated almost completely by desktop computer at a time when this act was rare. Designed by the award winning Carol Dennison, it has received numerous accolades for its daring introduction of poetry (composed by the artist's son, Joseph Brenner, to chronicle the life of his father. Another example of innovation arising from outside the hallowed halls of the academy. A very successful try. In limited supply. 12.25 inches X 10 inches; 197 pages, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 91-62720
ISBN: 0-9630085-0-1 $90.00 available from Contact for Brenner Bookwww.jclfa.com

Michael Brenner, an American sculptor born in Lithuania, was an important member of the Paris school after WWI. He was, for a time, a close friend o f Gertrude Stein. He arranged for publication o f some o f her earliest works in “The Soil,” a magazine he founded with Coady. Brenner’s unachievable standards kept him from completing his works. Very few pieces were made available for sale in his lifetime. Stein describes him as “The artist who never finished anything.” At his death, in 1969, he left a very large body of work in the form of clays, waxes, plasters and marbles, all of which have been cast. All known drawings and sketches have been located, restored and catalogued. This exploration has yielded a significant body o f work, and has, thereby, given the art world a frame of reference from which his work may be studied.