The Michael Brenner Catalog Raisonne

 The Life and Work of Michael Brenner, 1885-1969

This is Brenner's Catalogue Raisonne, produced in 1991, containing the complete listing of the known works of Michael Brenner, American sculptor, draftsman, painter, art director for the avant garde magazine, "The Soil," active and important member of the Paris Gertrude Stein circle until he removed himself from that group. This beautifully bound and printed text is unique in many respects. It was generated almost completely by desktop computer at a time when this act was very rare. Designed by the award winning  designer, Carol Denison, it has received numerous accolades for its daring introduction of poetry, composed by the Artist's son, Joseph Brenner, to chronicle the life of his father. Indeed, this is another example of innovation  arising from outside the walls of the academy. It is a very successful try. In limited supply.

12.25 inches X 10 inches
 197 pages
 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 91-62720

                        ISBN 0-9630085-0-1
                             Price: $90.00