Django Rhinehart
European Gypsy Jazz guitarist  of the 1930s. His Quintet of the Hot Club of France recorded over 200 sides.

                                   Lester Young
Influential tenor saxophonist, also known as The Prez.

                             Sidney Bichet
                   Clarinet and Soprano Sax

 His progressive stype dominanted many of the bands that he was in, playing lead parts that were usually reserved for trumpets.
             He was a master of improvisation.

           Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
                               (1899 - 1974)

"Duke Ellington's pre-eminence in jazz is not only because of the very high aesthetic standard of his output, not simply due to his remarkable abilities as a pianist, composer and bandleader, but also to the fact that he has extended the boundaries of jazz more than any other musician, without abandoning the true essence of the music."
                                                         -G.E. Lambert