Dean Meeker

b. 1920 - Colorado

Dean Meeker, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, was born in Orchard, Colorado in the year 1920. He received his degrees, BFA and MFA, from the School of the Art  Institute of Chicago also attending Northwestern University where he studied anthropology, art history, and psychology. Meeker's 46 year career as Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is unprecedented,  distinguished, pioneering, innovatively creative: legendary. Meeker challenged and transformed conventional processes of print-making and sculpture, expanding creative quality to all aspects of his work. He did pioneer research in  serigraphy. In 1950 the first-ever University affiliated course in silk-screen printing was started under his guidance.

Meeker received the first Graduate School Research Grant ever awarded to an Art Department faculty member. In  1957, he was invited to give the first one-person serigraphy show at the Chicago Art Institute. As a result, he was commissioned to do a collector's edition for the Art Institute Print Collector's Club. He was awarded, in 1959, the first Guggenheim Fellowship to be offered to an Art Department Faculty member. He worked in Paris with Stanley William Hayter and Kaiko Moti a period which culminated in a one man show at the La Gravure Gallery in Paris. He was one of the first printmakers to overprint serigraph with intaglio and colograph. With engineer John McFee, he invented the Meeker-McFee motorized etching press, one of the finest instruments available to printmakers.


"Striped Chair"

Meeker has exhibited in over one hundred one person shows of significance, has received numerous grants and awards, numerous invitations to lecture on innovative techniques, including non-toxic print making methods. His early forays into sculpture have matured completely with sculpture occupying the bulk of his current production. He was one of only two American sculptors selected for the 2nd Rodin Grand Prize Exhibition in Hakone, Japan. The Hakone Open Air Museum commissioned Meeker to produce a large bronze piece entitled "Minotaur," and was awarded the Utsukushi-Ga-Hara Prize for the work. It's slightly smaller "maquette" is part of the sculpture garden in Santa Rosa, CA. Meeker's work has been collected by a vast number of distinguished private and institutional collections throughout the world. Dean Meeker lives and works in Dane, Wisconsin.




"Phaeton and the Horses of the Sun"


"Vice and Virtue"


"Gregory as Lorenzo"