Roger Barr

 (b.1921, Milwaukee, WI

Roger Barr was born in Milwaukee in 1921, was educated at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Universidad National de Mexico, Pomona College (BA), Claremont  Graduate School (M.F.A.), the Jepson Art Institute, Los Angeles, and Atelier 17, Paris. His work embraces all relevant media, at the present time focusing upon sculpture and collage. The following essay is from the late Albert  Elsen, Walter A Haas Professor of Art History, Stanford University:

"Roger Barr is a serious artist whose sculptures reveal his gift a fully and nakedly as their woman's bodies. Barr's long commitment is to the joys of  making expressive objects have strong composition and good taste. Each of his sculptures is fertile in associations with nature and modern and pre-historic imagery, as well as for the ideas it engenders in him that lead to  successive variations on the same theme. Barr methodically works out his ideas in a reciprocal was through drawing, collage and sculpture. There is no beginning or end to this serial method, but each figure is made gravid by all of its predecessors."

Barr is currently working and living in the Southern California desert city of La Quinta.

Abstract nude collage

Figure lifting another figure

"Paris Collage"