Michael Ayrton

That's a lot of meat packed into a single visual feast, and for certain I could not have translated these images and feelings into words at that time. Yet, from that day these ideas have been with me on my journey. Likely all serious artists experience episodes of work others, if not themselves, characterize as periods. Ayrton calls some of his exploratory periods by several names: predicaments and contingencies, for example. For the most part, however, Michael Ayrton knew where he was and most often exactly where he was going.

 Bronze  1972

 "Mirror Maze"
1966 bronze, copper and perspex
 14" x 24" x 18.5"

Ancient Cityscape
 Lithograph 1960

Seated Minotaur with detail
       Lithograph  1971

Lykambe and Daughters
       Etching 1975