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A unique inventory of works range from the 1600´s to present day and features the largest private collection of works on paper by Jacques Villon and the complete works of sculptor Michael Brenner (1885-1969).
Also, in this important collection, are the works of Dean Meeker, Warrington Colescott, Roger Barr, Jim Spitzer, Ellen Koment, John Cother Webb and Michael Costantini.

The collection contains 270 pieces of sculpture, ranging in size from small to monumental, approximately 6000 paintings, drawings, etchings, lithographs and other works on paper. We introduce a number of publications from J.C. Leissring Fine Arts Press:, books, music CD's, Videos and related items.

Feel free to browse among the J.C. Leissring Fine Arts galleries. Investigate the bookshelves, read the poetry, ponder the philosophy of art´s place in today´s world and listen to the samples of rare and beautiful music.

A new and supplemental site is growing at and a site devoted to the etchings of Jacques Villon was just launched.


  "I intend to share with the world, a comprehensive gathering of works of art,
music and literature that show how the world works from my perspective.

  Others will be drawn into it in the same way that I was drawn into it. Not being
convinced, as in a sales pitch, but rather through a feeling that will be likely
located in the region of the chest. Each artist is a story, each work of art is an
essay, the whole (of the collection) is the essay of my longing for completion."
- J.C. Leissring -


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